Friday, 21 September 2007


Just thought I'd drop a quick post so that anyone that reads this won't think I've gotten bored and disappeared.

Just got back from a week at Butlins with the family. I'm knackered! I gotta say though - it might not be the most exotic holiday, but in terms of stuff for the kids, it was an excellent break - really great stuff. Great to see my kids really enjoying themselves, meeting all the characters and enjoying the shows and activities.

The other really good thing about being there was that I was able to feel like the fittest, well-honed, dietarily superior being on the planet compared to many of the obese nicotine addicted slobs that seem to be drawn to that place like moths round a lamp! Jeeeeez! I thought people like that only existed on daytime TV!

No BJJ this week...about the only BJJ I did was showing my mate how my 2 year old son can execute the basics of an escape from under the mount (upa)...cue much paternal pride! As I mentioned, I was going to train at Neil's "Dojo" today, but really, unless you've spent 5 days running around after two 2 and a half year olds, you'll never know just how tiring that can be and with the best will in the world, rolling gives way to sitting down and having a cuppa in this instance! Training on Monday as usual.


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