Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Review -

Bit of a review and a plug, but thought it may be of interest.

Recommended by a BMF instructor, I had a look at - a sports supplements company trading solely on the internet selling “unbranded” sports supplements in bulk at a snip of the price of other brands. BMF’s pretty tough and with this, combined with Jiu Jitsu, I need all the supplementary help I can get to recover my weary muscles.

In the past I’ve dabbled with sports supplements – mainly protein shakes as a post-workout recovery drink. The main brands I’ve tried until now have been Myoplex, Maximuscle and Protoplex (Holland & Barrett). The first two are typically expensive (around £30 for just under 1kg) and Protoplex about the same cost for slightly more.

Myprotein’s Impact Whey Protein costs about £12.50 for a kg of flavoured powder. The cost alone makes them a winner.

But there’s more. The taste is excellent – so far I’ve tried, Strawberry, Banana and Chocolate and all taste like reasonable milkshakes – not too sweet and a decent flavour. Some of the other brands taste pretty bad, almost “stale”. Then there’s the mixability – shaken up in a blending bottle (also available from the website), the result is a smooth drink – not gritty like some others. A big plus for me is in the ingredients – myprotein are transparent in what their products contain and importantly, contain nothing artificial, especially Aspartame. It seems that you can’t buy anything these days without Aspartame being hidden in it and from what I’ve read it’s not something that I want anywhere near my body. Just google it – nasty stuff…take a look at this for starters.

Take a look around at the rest of the site and there’s plenty of stuff to keep the hardcore bodybuilder happy, but even everyday supplements like multivitamins are cheap here and good quality.

The customer service is excellent – delivery is usually within a couple of days and you can choose what service you wish to use. I’ve phoned their helpline for guidance a couple of times and the call handlers are friendly and knowledgeable about the products.

If you want to give them a low-cost try, most of their products are available as 99p samples, most of which is recoverable on placement of a full order.

If you want to give them a try, enter the code MP135819 when you checkout your first order and get a 5% discount.

Great products, great service – not much more you could ask for.


Jadon Ortlepp said...

Im a fan of myprotein as well. Great value for money, the best Ive heard of in fact. Their diet builder is interesting as well, based on your particular goals.

If you have some friends with similar requirements their bulk buy deal is pretty good as well.

Al said...

Hey Jadon,

will have a look at the diet builder....

Enjoying reading up on the Great BJJ Pilgrimage by the way - be sure to visit us at Rickson's down in Kent!

binster said...


Very interesting post. I'm a fan of supplements as well and have tried various protein drinks from different brands throughout the years.

I was wondering though, how it affects your body after BJJ sessions, as I have recently taken up the discipline (

I hope I could learn from your experiences via your older posts and I very much welcome your coments on mine.

Al said...

Hey dude,

thanks for reading. I find that having a protein shake really helps with recovery after a tough session - I don't go much more complex than that. Also recently read about Montmorency Cherry Juice as a recovery aid - works a treat - really reduces muscle soreness - check out: